“More effective research means better decisions”

Leverage Research Solutions (LRS) is headquartered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with professional support and fieldwork relationships in Thailand, Vietnam and India. This organizational structure enables project execution in individual countries with planning and coordination from one central office.

Our headquarters executive team has a combined 50-plus years’ experience in the planning and conduct of diverse market research projects, both qualitative and quantitative (please see our menu of specific services).

We have a lean, efficient operating system that enables us to deliver top-level research. Projects are always directed and supervised by our hands-on senior staff, while costs are controlled and decision delays avoided.

Our view of market research is to “Think global. Act local”. While our key executives have had past experience across major countries and continents, including the United States, Europe, and, of course, Southeast Asia, it is our familiarity and knowledge of our local four-country geography that makes our research valuable.   

Importantly, our senior management experience not limited to just market research, but includes broader marketing and sales responsibilities at well-known consumer and B2B companies around the world.  Understanding the business objectives and applications research results will be used for, makes for better project design and execution.