“More effective research means better decisions”

Our team has extensive expertise in market research and data collection for various sectors from both urban and rural markets throughout Cambodia. Importantly, they all have professional passion to provide the best quality data and analysis services.

We are proud of our in-depth market knowledge that enables us to design more effective research to give clients better results for better decisions for marketing success.

Mr. Mike Hensgen - Executive Director 

Mike is a 30+ year veteran marketing professional with an extensive career in executive management with international corporations, transnational advertising agencies and successful startups.

An American expat with over 15 years, living and working in Southeast Asia, previously in Bangkok, Thailand, and now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he loves his adopted part of the world and its people.

His marketing and research background ranges from large scale global projects like the Texaco/Caltex Olympic sponsorship program down to retail promotion and operations research at the local store level.

His skillsets range across both products and services B2C and B2B markets. And he brings a unique combination of understanding the role of market research in its direct application for sales and broader marketing success.

Mike blogs about leveraging brands at http://www.SMEBrandLeverage.wordpress.com 

 Mr. Chhun Channak - Research Project Manager 

Channak is a native born Cambodian, fluent in Khmer and English. He has 10+ years’ experience leading research fieldwork components, including responsibilities for staff recruitment, training, logistics, operations and QC, budgeting and financial support.In his career, he has been involved with and led field teams in more than 100 projects for Cambodian and other international clients, in both commercial and social development sectors.

Channak has in-depth experiences with various data collection methods used by research companies around the world.These methods have been used with many different types of respondents, including domestic households, students, employees and business owners, etc.   

As an established Cambodian professional, Channak has been immersed in handling the problems and opportunities associated with research in the Cambodia. He knows how to succeed.

In addition, Channak has been deeply involved data management, e.g. managing data entry process, data validation and cleaning and conducting statistical analysis. He is very familiar with Ms Excel and SPSS software package. 

Channak’s research track record includes the significant contributions he has made to major projects conducted by Cambodian and international NGO’s, including World Vision, ILO, ADB, Plan   International, Child Right Foundation, Child Frontier and others.