“More effective research means better decisions”

Our senior management brings more than just market research and data collection expertise. Our Executive Director and staff offer leading edge brand-building experience to use in launching a new brand or refreshing an established one.

Our Branding Services offered:

  • Brand Identity --- We apply the internationally recognized Brand Wheel methodology to derive the strongest Brand Identity that combines both rational and emotional aspects of the brand. We then develop a proprietary Unique Selling Proposition to guide marketing communications and sales/promotion tactics.

  • Competitor Branding Analysis --- We conduct a branding analysis of the client’s selected competitors. From that we can determine where the greatest marketing leverage exists to either defend against competitor inroads or capitalize on apparent opportunities.
  • Brand Benchmarking --- Once the Brand Strategy is determined and implemented, regular periodic analyses of the client’s and their competitors’ brands are conducted to determine changes as observed and marketing initiatives as warranted.